Tuesday, August 19, 2014

American Culture

There are so many things that you hear about and see in movies about how America is. Being a movie and the local gossip, you just assume that most of it isn’t true, don’t you? Well as surprising as it may be, a lot of it is!
The biggest, most identifiable aspect to America is the food!! Fast food is a huge industry in the States and so you cant miss it. The number of drive through and take out restaurants that are around is unimaginable! Imagine every five minutes of driving down the expressway seeing signs for a take out restaurant.  Talk about convenience! On top of that, the meals and drinks are HUMONGOUS. A small in America is equitant to a large in Australia, and it is half the price. So don’t worry too much about not getting enough for your money. Aside from the normal fast food places, there are lots of Starbucks in the area, and these are great when you are after a coffee with something nice to eat.
Sport is another massive industry in the States, like nowhere else in the world. Something you should defiantly make the effort to experience. This could mean either attending an EMU sporting event, or watching one of the professional team play – two totally different experiences, but both something to enjoy.
Fashion is simple in the United States – you can wear whatever you like! There is no pressure to fit into the fashion trends, and it is a really great opportunity to ‘be who you have always wanted to be’.
Nothing to stress over, but another difference that I experienced when coming to America was the testing system. A lot of the time the testing is multiple choices. This is there they will ask you a question, and you have 3-6 options to choose from for you answer. Coming from the testing system where you are always writing paragraphs, this is a lot of fun!
Coming to America will be a lot great memories and experiences :)

PS: Sororities and Fraternities actually do exist!
by Adele

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