Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Student Organizations

When you first go to college you go to learn new things, explore your interests, and meet new people so why not join a student organization. EMU offers a wide array of organizations that you can join. From arts and sciences to nationalities and religion, there is an organization for everyone.

Why join a student organization, what's the point you say, because there are more benefits to joining one than just socializing. You can gain school credit, work with faculty, learn new ideas, gain useful skills, and develop leadership and organizational skills. There are so many great experiences that you can have from joining a student organization and if you are interested and want to find out more about them you can:

-Go to the Student Org website
-Check the Student Involvement handbook (which you can pick up at the student center)
-Check out campus events that the student organization is having
I really hope that when you guys come in the fall that you will check out some of our organizations and please take a look at the website for more in dept details on each one of them.

by Kemia
Check out the profiles of team HELLO! at www.emich.edu/ois/teamhello.

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