Thursday, June 19, 2014

Ypsilanti Coffee Shops

If you need a break from studying on campus and are looking for a good cup of coffee, there are plenty of places to choose from in the Ypsi area. Here are a few of my favorite places to enjoy coffee and study.

The Ugly Mug

Located very close to campus at 317 Cross Street, the Ugly Mug is a great place to meet friends to chat or to study alone. While the weather is a bit warmer, it is nice to sit outside and work (one of the few places around with plugs/outlets outside!) There are a lot of drinks to choose from, my favorites are the Milky Wray and Mexican Latte.  This is a good environment if you are a person who does not need silence to work to study, as there is always music playing and it is a meeting spot for people to get together and chat. When you order, be sure to ask for the Wifi password, as it changes every day!


Sweetwaters is probably the most convenient place to sit, sip and study just because of the location. It is located directly across from campus at 735 W. Cross Street. The nice thing about studying here is that they have a very large and tall table next to the front window, so it is easy to spread out all of your papers, laptop, and whatever else you need. The coffee is on the more expressive end of the spectrum, but the environment is on the peaceful side. If you decide to go here, I recommend the French Vietnamese Au Lait. It is very sweet though, so only order if you enjoy sweet drinks!

Café Ollie

This is my personal favorite when it comes to having some coffee and studying for finals. Café Ollie is a locally owned restaurant/café that has a lot of delicious menu items if you are looking for a meal to go with your drink. It is a moderately quiet and spacious place to work. There are large tables so you can feel comfortable working with a group or working alone. The coffee drinks are nothing unique, but they are still yummy enough to take the trek to Depot Town and enjoy while working on homework. (42. E. Cross St)

Beezy’s Café

If you want delicious iced coffee… this is the place to go. Every time that I order the iced coffee here, I am impressed. This is more of a breakfast place than a coffee shop, but you can see a lot of people sitting comfortably at the tables while reading a book or working on the computer. This is the furthest from campus of all the options, but if you are looking to enjoy breakfast and stay a while, it is worth the trip. The environment is very friendly and comfortable. (20 N. Washington St.)


Although it is a coffee chain… it is a Michigan coffee chain so I think that still counts as “local.” This newly opened Biggby on 1510 Washtenaw Ave is an awesome place to study. It is usually very quiet with just some light music in the background and not many people have figured out that it is there yet, so there aren’t many people. The espresso drinks are strong and always delicious. My favorite is the iced Chuckle Bear (it isn’t on  the menu, but it is chocolate, caramel and almond and it is so sweet and so amazing!) Another nice thing about Biggby is that they have frequency cards so be sure to take advantage of that and buy 12 drinks and get the 13th free. 

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