Tuesday, July 1, 2014

I am truEMU

The importance of diet for people's well-being has not been lost on me as I have moved between Cyprus, the United Kingdom to study nutrition and food science and finally to United States to follow my dream, and study dietetics in the last four years. Coming to the United States was a big step for me, when I first came I was totally out of my element, but after a couple of days I have adjusted. In the beginning, I was feeling homesick, but what really helped me was united orientation. There I met new people, and since then we have been friends through thick and thin. I like studying at Eastern Michigan university, because of the opportunities that offers, and the experiences that you gain as an individual. In addition, EMU promotes diversity, which for international students is really important. There are so many organizations and events going on at the university that would help you adjust in your new beginning and socialize.

As for the classroom experience if you do study and follow the syllabus you should be fine! Professors are friendly and easy going (most of the times) and they are there to help you. Moreover, if you do have any problems or concerns there are advisors that can help you, either from office of international students (ois) or from your department. I truly feel that EMU now is my new family!  

By: Elina
To read Elina's bio, visit www.emich.edu/ois/teamhello
For a complete checklist for new students, visit www.emich.edu/ois/checklist

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