Friday, July 11, 2014

What is happening in Ypsilanti and Ann arbor - The color run

Ypsilanti have a big event during summer. The event is “The color run : Happiest 5K on the planet”. This event tours about 130 cities in the U.S. In addition, they start to tour more than 30 coutries. The event is a race that has so much fun things. When the players run toward finish line, they can pass through certain color zones. In color zone, a bunch of volunteers spray the color powder made by corn. To join the event, a ticket is required. The price of ticket is various depends on how far from the day of event. If you buy the ticket as soons as possible, it would cheaper than late one. The runner can join the event as individual runner or one of team members. Making a team with friends would be a way of making the event pleasant. Once you get a ticket, you’ll join in check-in party before a few days from day of race. The check-in party have you get stuff for race in advace. You don’t neet to be in long line on the race day. 
Here is stuff that I got from color-run such as a t-shirt, two hair band, color catcher(you don’t need to worry about wahing your clothes and shoes), tatoo sticker and number that can be used for finding your picture on website.  
If you all set, just enjoy the race with nice weather!
Don’t be afraid of being color! The event has air machine to make you remove the power.
Ann arbor has similar event named Color Vibe in August 24, 2014. You can also join it!  
if you’d like to more information
Website Color Run :
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