Thursday, July 24, 2014

Protecting Your Identity

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Every student that attends EMU is given an Eagle OneCard. This card is not only your ID, it is also connected to a bank account, meal plans, refund deposits, student payroll, and more. You need it to sign into certain accounts and for staff and faculty to identify you. Your card and other information should be cared for properly so your information is not stolen or misused. Below are a few tips to keep your important information safe and secure.

Never send an email with your credit card information.

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Your credit card information should not be emailed to anyone. You never know who is on the other end reading that email. A bank would never ask you to submit that kind of personal information unless it is over the phone. You also should not email login information like user names and passwords. If the wrong person gets your information you could lose access and control over your accounts.


Do not take pictures of your Eagle OneCard and post it online.

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Your Eagle OneCard is physical proof that you are a student at EMU. Some students are so excited that they want to take pictures of their card to show their friends and family. You should never post a picture of your card online. The card not only has your student EID number on it, but it also has your debit card information on it. Not all sites are protected, anyone could see that information and misuse it.


Never leave your computer unattended while logged into any accounts.

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You should never leave your computer unattended while logged into accounts in public. EMU offers students an opportunity to use school computers but you have to be careful. If you print in one of the computer labs, make sure important information isn’t visible when you leave the computer to get your prints. If you still need to access the account after you print and do not want to close it, minimize the window so others around you cannot see your personal information.


Do not leave belongings containing personal information unattended.

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You should never leave your bag unattended, especially if it contains electronic devices, wallets, and other personal information. You also should not leave papers with personal information on them visible in public. If something is important to you then you should never leave it unattended in public, always take it with you or have someone you trust watch it for you.

I wanted to write about this because I see a lot of international students that are too trusting. I have seen a lot of students leave important things around like book bags, important documents, and electronic devices. I have also had a lot of students that have asked me for help and gave me their EID numbers or tried to send me their credit card information. You should not share that kind of information with other students. Faculty and staff can be trusted with your EID number, and will only request it for identification purposes. Some of the student workers that can request your EID number for identification purposes include Night Watch, SEEUS, and students working in offices that have agreed to keep your information confidential. Just remember that not everyone is as nice and trusting as you or the country you come from.

This is not a complete list of ways to protect you identity, so if anyone else has any tips or questions please leave them in the comment section below.
by Tyrie Adams

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  1. What great tips! Thanks for sharing! It is important to be safe wherever you are, whether on or off-campus, big city or small town.