Thursday, July 24, 2014

Student organization feature: ISA

EMU has many student organizations. Learn about the International Student Association (ISA)!

ISA is composed of foreign and American students who come together across national boundaries to create a sensitive and diverse environment at Eastern

I.S.A.'s mission is:
·         To support EMU's international students & to cater to their needs.
·         To promote cultural awareness, appreciation, and harmony through interaction and activities open to all students at EMU. 
·         To provide an atmosphere in which each student involved in ISA can have an opportunity to grow spiritually, academically, and socially.
·         To guide students by leadership through service.

·         Volleyball/ Basketball game
·         Parade of Nations
·         Halloween
·         Monthly events - movie night, game night, culture night
·         End of the semester party
·         Colours In Harmony
·         Zap Zone/Paintball

If you are already around campus you can check out our summer event, which is going to take place on August  9th.

Organizations's Website: 
Also you can find us on Facebook :

by Elina

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  1. Joining student organizations is such a great way to meet others and build skills, especially with ISA! I would also recommend exploring all EMU orgs at